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  • MDF/HDF making machine

MDF/HDF making machine

MDF/HDF Production line

The 100~500m3/day MDF/HDF production line, user raw material, via material preparation, fiber manufacturing, glue & paraffin regulating, spresding and hot pressing, coolong & trimming, sanding section, to make MDF/HDF board.

1.Chip preparation section

Timber, wood branch and wood residues are cut into chips of certain size. Chips from chip silo will be screened to remove fines, soil and stones.

MDF/HDF making machineMDF/HDF making machine

2.Fiber manufacturing section

Wood-chip out-feeding from pre-heat silo, entering digester vessel via plug-screw feeder to cook and soften the wood-chips, the cooked wood chip is reduced into fiber by the function of conveyed by high-speed & high wind via cyclone & rotary discharge fall to the forward-backward belt conveyor, then sent to the forming metering silo.

MDF/HDF making machineMDF/HDF making machine

3.Glue regluating and applying section

Our technique is glue applying before drying. Melt paraffin is sent to the de-fiber, mixed evenly with the fiber. The glue mist adheres to the surface of fiber by high speed wind-flow in the drying pipe.

MDF/HDF making machineMDF/HDF making machine

4.Mat-froming and hot-pressing section

Dry fiber is sent into the metering silo by wind-conveying system, spresd evenly onto annular screen-belt conveyor by spread through the screen-belt and fiber is adhered on the screen-belt, thus forming a loose mat. pressed by the pre-press, the loose mat is changed into a relatively density mat, then cut into sized mat by mat-transversal-longitudinal saw. the mat is transported and carried to board loader. The caul-less belt-tray of loader transports the mat to hot press, meanwhile, the pressed rough board is pushed out on the un-loader. Under the function of high-pressure and high temperature. The un-loader discharges the board one by one.

 MDF/HDF making machineMDF/HDF making machine

 5.Finished handing/ Sanding section

Rough board after air cooling are turned into cut-to-size board via longitudinal and transveral saw. And then cut-to-size board are ansded, sorted, stacked and packed for storage.

MDF/HDF making machineMDF/HDF making machine

6. PLC control system

Full automatic control, SIEMENS control system.

MDF/HDF making machine

7. Heating energy center

Heating energy center is the heating supply system from our company design, manufacture for the wood based panel industry, it’s fuel can be the waste wood, wood skin, saw dust, sanding power and so on, produce multiple heat carrier like the high temperature thermal oil, steam, hot air and some other high effeciency, energy conservation, environmental protection heating energy supply equipment.

 MDF/HDF making machineMDF/HDF making machine


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