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Particle board production line

Material preparation section:

101.Belt conveyer

102.Drum chipper

103.Metal remover

104.Belt conveyer

105.Rectangular screen

106.Bucket lift

201.Chip silo 202.Belt conveyor

203. Metal remove

204.Knife-ring flaker

205.Belt conveyer

206.Bucket lift

301.Wet flake silo

302.Belt conveyer

303.Rotor flake dryer

304.Belt conveyer B

305. Rectangular screen

306. Belt conveyer

307.Stream mill

Mixing section:

401.Surface flake silo

402.Core flake air conveying system

403.Belt conveyer

404.Flake metering bin

405.Flake metering bin

406.Knife-ring flaker

407.Glue regulating and supplying system

Forming section:

501.Belt conveyer

502.Metal remover

503.De-dusting and air conveying system

504.Belt conveyer

505.Mechanical classi-former

506.Metal remover

507. Continuous pre-press

508. Trimming conveyor

509.Lengthwise edge saw

510.Mats cross saw

511.Accelerate conveyer

512.Fast conveyer

513.Recycle device

514.Turn-board conveyor

515.Store conveyer

516. Loading conveyor


518.Hot press


520.Outfeeding belt conveyer

Forming treatment:

601.Roller conveyer

602.Infeed roller conveyer

603.Star cooler

604.Longitudinal edge saw

605.Transversal edge saw

606.Transversal roller lift

607.Transversal roller conveyor

Sanding section:

701.Transversal board conveyor

702.Transversal roller lift

703.Board pusher

704.Longitudinal feed roller conveyor

705.2-head wide belt sander

706.Transition roller

707. 4-head wide belt sander

708.Longitudinal feed roller conveyor


710.Transversal roller lift

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