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Log rounding machine

Log rounding machine is one of the main equipments for plywood production. It is divided into spindle rounding machine and spindle-less rounding machine (hydraulic rounding machine without card and large gear rounding machine). Only three people can operate and the work efficiency is low. With the advancement of science and technology, the hydraulic log rounding control technology has also been applied to the production of log rounding machines. The advent of the hydraulic log rounding machine has not only improved the efficiency of rotary cutting speed, but also it is only need one person to operate. However, as the shortcomings of large-scale production are also shown, the fur is not uniform at all during the rounding process, which leads to the production of fur that can only be used in the power generation and papermaking industries. The subsequent large gear rounding machines have solved the above problems. But the rotary cutting effect is not as good as the hydraulic rounding machine. At present, most people still choose the hydraulic log rounding machine.

Log rounding machine

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