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Veneer peeling machine

Compared with the card rotary cutting machine, the spindle less rotary cutting of wood is more thorough and can fully cut the wood core, thereby reducing the waste of wood, improving the utilization of wood, and reducing the production cost. The following describes the working principle of the spindle less rotary cutter in detail. Through the following introduction, I believe that you will have a full understanding of the spindle less type. When the veneer peeling machine rounding, the wood is rotated by two fixed rollers and one mobile roller. The center support of the movable roller and the relative position of the cutter are fixed. Driven by the drive motor, the cutter rotates by moving the veneer is cut out by the rotating log, and the thickness of the veneer can be adjusted by the gap between the moving roller and the knife edge and the moving speed of the knife. The rotation speed of the log is constant, but the diameter of the log will become smaller as the log is cut, so that the time for one revolution will change, and the speed of the rotary cutter will also change.

Veneer peeling machine Veneer peeling machine